Sunday, April 18, 2010

My friends are the best:

Really, I love them so much that I sometimes think my heart might explode. Found this in my inbox today:

(...)I have no idea what that something is...i just know it's quite breathtaking and it makes me feel like i had stardust and moonbeams for breakfast hahaa...HA!(...)just insane amounts of pleasure just being around him...those little glances where you catch each other....that...that's that crack stare. The stare that sparks curiosity, the stare that makes you feel a certain kind of way...that you can't really describe, you just know you want that glance to visit you in your dreams...If we never chilled again, I'd be sad...for a bit. But more importantly, immensely thankful that someone, something, invoked this kind of feeling within me...I was dehydrated and starved of it as are most in these times...I'm just blessed and after the circumstances going on with my mom however corny/sappy it may seem...for the time being he's my guardian angel and forced me to prioritize love and positive energy above all else.

No there is nothing wrong with you...there is A LOT wrong with society. You're prob kinda feelin that dehydrated feelin i previously mentioned. The governing powers that be have created a laundrylist of false needs and embedded them into society. We NEED cell phones, we NEED computers, we NEED the internet, we NEED to be a part of the social networking "phenomena" in order to feel relevant. And we've been forced to feel that if we don't comply to these new sets of illusionary needs, that we're social lepers. Mr. Right might be next door...or at least he might have been, 5 years ago...but now he's too busy blogging about his life, as opposed to actually living it....feel me? What has suffered...the human element in humanity...the feeling, the loving, the warmth the sets of curves and dips that make up the human contour, the same curves and dips that fit nicely with your own curves and dips...that's lacking...

So there is nothing wrong with you...there's something wrong with the structure of society and for those who still feel...we seem to get the short end of the stick...but we DON'T have the short end of the stick, cause guess what?...we can stilllll FEEEEEEEL!!! yayyyy :)...fuck the rest of 'em...who ever wanted to be a drone when they grew up anyway? hahaha...

There are people out there that still get it, and I am immensely thankful for this.

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