Friday, March 26, 2010

9) rant.

What frustrates me about most people is that they lack strength of character. They have a tendency to pussyfoot around saying what they actually mean <---- THIS is the part that really baffles me. I get what I want because I ask for it. If there is some one standing in my way, I ask them politely to move. I don't stand behind them and breathe down their neck waiting for them to get the hint, and then bitch about how they didn't have the common decency to read my mind sooner. Because I say what I mean and mean what I say, people think that I'm a bit brash or abrasive or-- get this-- "TOO honest"! What does that even mean?! I'm not tactless, but I am genuine and sincere and maybe even a little eager and enthusiastic. The only people afraid of honesty are the ones with something to hide. I make no apologies for who I am and what I've done, and, seriously, I'm tired of this bullshit.

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