Monday, March 22, 2010

13 days

until I am out of this place for good. And because I am no longer looking for a job here and I only have a couple days worth of packing to do, I can sit and read without guilt. I got this today:


I wish there was a solid college textbook on the Middle Ages out there. This was written in the 1960's, and it's not written in any sort of academic format so there is no list of references. It's pretty excellent all things considered. I can't explain it, but lately I've been really interested in the art/culture/material culture of Europe during the Middle Ages. I think my future studies will be in this area. It seems like kind of a strange fit for me, but I'm into it. Just following the guidance from the universe and what not. Next step is to become a true polyglot; master Italian and start learning German.

Also, the song that I wanted to post is nowhere to be found on the vast expanse of the internet. So I will simply suggest that everyone ought to listen to more Jeff Parker. "Miriam" is especially beautiful.


In my dreams, I am Kim Novak's character from Bell, Book, and Candle, and I am dancing to this song.

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