Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I had the most incredible dream last night. I was with a group of people, and we were running through an old town that reminded me of something out of a storybook. Some one was chasing us, and we ducked into some tunnel and suddenly we were sliding down this rocky tunnel that was narrowing around us. I remember thinking "if this were real, I would be so claustrophobic. I would be freaking out." Then we slid into this pool that looked like a natural rock feature with tall, smooth but rocky walls. The rocks were creamy-white, the water was turquoise, sparkling and the sky above was plum and pink. I couldn't clearly see the people that were with me, but I knew that I was not alone. I'm not sure what happened immediately after that. The next thing I remember, I was with a guy and I think we were still being followed but I didn't feel any sense of imminent danger. We were walking through a garden with ivy covered walls. The air around us was grey and misty. The leaves on the ground were damp and dark. Then we were in a greenhouse or a small room in the garden. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. He picked me up and put me on counter with terracotta tiles that ran the length of the small room. On the adjacent wall there was a gigantic framed mirror that was resting on the floor and reached all the way up to the ceiling. I wrapped my legs around him and watched him kiss my neck in the mirror in front of me. He had light brown skin and wavy dark, longish hair. He reminded me of you in his mannerisms, but he wasn't you. I was wearing a soft, almost fuzzy ivory sweater and black boyshorts. My hair was wild like a lion's mane.

Then it went into something crazy with superheroes and rising water and beds and flashing lights. I can't make more sense of it than that.

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