Thursday, November 26, 2009

Doing research for my paper on women, power, and the archaeology of ancient Rome, and I came across this passage about Augustus:

Indeed, I would argue that the much-discussed colloquialisms
in his writing style (who could forget ‘quicker than boiling
asparagus’?) must be understood as a rather sophisticated form of
self-characterization. Not unlike the ‘untrained’ speakers who
appeared before juries in classical Athens, Augustus knew the ideological
value of sounding like an ordinary man.
(Milnor 2005: 86)

I almost wish that I could write 30 pages instead of just 15. I wish I had the time. With 15, I can only cover a basic review of the archaelogy of ancient Rome, and I have no passion for archaeology. I'd love to be able to talk more about power, symbolism, encompassment (Marx, Foucault, Geertz, Dumont, etc).

The myth of the Danaids and the statues of them in the Augustan Palatine complex blew my mind. This is why I love anthropology.

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